7 top eco hotels in Mallorca

What are the best eco hotels in Mallorca? Mallorca is probably best known for a party holiday and the Ballermann. But the island has much more to offer than just partying. Especially in the north there are very nice corners to explore. Furthermore there are many possibilities to travel sustainable and green. Therefore here are the best eco hotels on the sunny island.

Eco hotels in Mallorca

Son Net eco hotel Mallorca
Image source: Son Net Hotel

Son Net

The Son Net Hotel convinces by elegant design in the nature. The hotel has its own garden and vineyards, so that meals are provided with fresh and local products. In addition, sheep, chickens and donkeys live on the premises and are integrated into the daily routine. Over the years the olive press used for the production of olive oil has been converted into a cosy restaurant. Speaking of olive oil: the hotel still purchases the oil from local traders, but the plan is to start its own production next year.
Link: Son Net Hotel

Monnaber Nou
Image source: Monnaber Nou

Monnaber Nou

In this hotel the lifestyle consists of health and sustainability. Energy is guaranteed by a photovoltaic system and local products are purchased for the kitchen. There are also beehives on the premises. Even the pool is ecological and is linked to the water consumption of the rest of the garden. A special feature of this hotel: they are committed to the reintroduction of endangered species, both tree species and animals, such as the Mallorcan sheep.
Link: Monnaber Nou

Monnaber Nou green hotel
Image source: Son Bernadinet

Son Bernadinet

This hotel is entirely dedicated to the well-being of its guests. The beautifully designed pool and daily yoga classes invite you to relax. Children are very welcome. However, those who would like to enjoy some quiet hours can make use of the babysitter service. There is also an elegant solution for business meetings: simply rent the adjacent finca with pool. So business matters can be combined very nicely with leisure activities. The food offers an additional source of energy: the products are sourced from the hotel’s own organic garden and are therefore cultivated sustainably.
Link: Son Bernadinet Hotel

Marcalma Hotel organic hotel
Image source: Marcalma Hotel

Marcalma Hotel

The Marcalma Hotel has already received a gold award for its philosophy of sustainability. With only 20 rooms, this eco-hotel offers an intimate atmosphere, far from the crowded tourist stream. Many green ideas are implemented for a sustainable lifestyle. The employees are all regularly trained in ecology and sustainability. In addition, mainly local products are purchased.
Link: Marcalma Hotel

Es Riquers Biohotel Mallorca
Image source: Es Riquers

Es Riquers

The old Mallorcan farmhouse has been transformed over the years into a welcoming and cosy ecological hotel. Here you can perfectly relax from the stressful workday in the middle of the green nature. Regional products are also bought here. There are even own gardens, which have been developed over the years. In the meantime more than 400 olive trees have been planted.
link: Es Riquers

Son Brull Hotel & Spa
Image source: Son Brull Hotel & Spa

Son Brull Hotel & Spa

Here, too, we rely on regional cuisine. But this hotel goes one step further. You own a completely ecological farm. Above all, there are many fruit trees. Guests are welcome to pick their own fruit during the harvest season. This can of course also be consumed directly. There is no shorter and more sustainable way of transportation! Furthermore, the Son Brull Hotel wants to establish a “network” for seeds. Trees and vegetables will be planted on 40 hectares. The aim is not only to supply its own kitchen, but also to be able to supply other parts of Mallorca as a regional producer.
Link: Son Brull Hotel & Spa

Ecocirer Hotel Mallorca
Image source: Ecocirer Hotel

Ecocirer Hotel

The Ecocirer Hotel has a far-reaching guiding principle: we want to create a home for the future. Therefore there are many ecological ideas that are implemented in the hotel. So there is a healthy diet, which is mainly based on vegan and vegetarian food. The products are sourced from our own garden. The hotel itself is sustainably furnished in eco-design. According to the homepage 100% of the products are recycled in the hotel. This is what the future home can look like!
link: Ecocirer Hotel

Addition: Sustainable shopping in Mallorca

Are you staying a little longer on the island, haven’t found any organic hotels on Mallorca that suit you or do you want to save a little money by cooking yourself? Then try organic supermarkets or local markets. There you will get your products mostly unpacked and fresh from the next farmer instead of imported. It also gives you more contact to the locals. Maybe they have some tips for you!
Here are some organic supermarkets and local markets: Biodespensa, Bifokalem, Los Salbores del mundo, Santa Maria del Carmen, Possession of bile and many more!

Eco hotels in Mallorca are not your thing and you would rather explore Germany first?


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